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Jade May
United States
Hi everyone, I am Jade! I am an artist, as well as an author, and video creater on youtube! In case you are wondering, here are a few traits, hobbies, and facts about me!
You can call me Jade or Kitten!!
My cats name is 'Story' :D
I am sixteen
I have blue eyes
I have strawberry blonde hair
I am slim (average)
I live in the united states
I love to write
I love to create videos
I love anime
I love Powerpuff Girls (z)
I am always wrestling
I always win at games
I have lived in the same home my whole life
My room is HUGE
My favorite color is green
My favorite food is candy x.x
My favorite perfume is Light Blue
My last txt says "What's up lil mama"...haha
My phone is a Cricket
My friends are all boys!
My dream is to become a photographer
My weakness is heights or water (I can swim but I'm scared of drowing...)
My closet is filled with mostly tank tops and t-shirts
The last time I wore a dress/skirt was when I was 10
Con about me is my flirtatious behavior!
Con about me is I gain my self esteem by flirting
Con about me is I loose my temper easily
Con about me is that I use to be a smoker
Con about me is I can get a bit crazy on ya azz!! HAHA
Pro about me is that I can make you laugh
Pro about me is that I am smart
Pro about me is that you can never change me
Pro about me is that I rarely complain
Pro about me is that I love to help people and give advice
Pro about me is that I can keep a secrete
Pro/Con about me is that I have an amazing boyfriend, and you CAN'T have him

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